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The Thin Man

The Thin Man

After four years absence, detective Nick Charles back to New York with his new wife Nora and their dog, Asta. He re-connects with many of his old friends, some eccentric peopl. Dorothy Wynant, whose inventor father Clyde Wynant is suspected to muder hẻ stepmom, followed Nick.He was on trip some months before, she couldn’t contact to him. him. Nick isn’t really keen on resuming his former profession but his wife- Nora thinks this all very exciting, he decides to help her. After soluting,he announces the killers at a dinner party.

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Actor: Myrna Loy, Maureen OSullivan, William Powell

Director: W S Van Dyke

Country: United States

Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1934

IMDb: 8

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